Assignment 1

  • Due Monday by the end of class
  • Register to be part of the wiki.
  • Label your page with your name.

Assignment 2

  • Due Tuesday morning
  • Find 3 podcasts:
    • one that you could use with your students.
    • one that you would use for your own professional development.
    • one that you would listen to for pleasure or to support a hobby you have.
  • On your wiki page
    • Write a short description of each podcast
    • paste a link to each of the podcasts
  • As you find other podcasts that might be of interest to others in the class, please add them to the Finding Content Page

Assignment 3

  • Due Tuesday morning
  • Read pages 7 and 19 of the following article
  • Be prepared for a group conversation.
Discussion: Podcast Posted at Bit by Bit: LINK

Assignment 4

Optional Assignment

  • Join the webcast Women of the Web at 9PM EST
  • Go to
  • In the upper right hand corner is a channel box. Click the little speaker under Ed Tech A. This will launch iTunes so you can hear.
  • Make a user name and log into the chat room (no password required).

Assignment 5

Assignment 6

  • Due Wednesday
  • Create an audio file introducing yourself using one of the tools we looked at in class.
  • Put a link to it or embed it on your wiki page.

Assignment 7

  • Due Wednesday
  • Listen to the following from MBPN
  • Be prepared for a group conversation.

Assignment 8

  • Due Thursday
  • Read and watch the video Ellis, Ken. "Visual Acuity: From Consumers to Critics and Creators." Edutopia 13 July 2005 Retrieved 2 Jul 2008 <>.
  • Be prepared for a group conversation.

Assignment 9

  • Due Thursday
  • Write a summary of your idea for your final project.

Final Project

  • Due Friday
  • A lesson or small project idea that incorporates the use of podcasting or vodcating
  • it should include a collaborative component
  • Please include all the information on your wiki page (or create a new one that links from your page)
  • Include a sample of what the project might look like

Sample Projects