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Assignment #2

A Podcast to Use with My Students:
Hidden Universe HD: NASA's Spitzter Space Telescope:
Using amazing NASA images to show different aspects of space in an engaging way.

A Podcast that I will use for Professional Development (in fact, I've already loaded it onto my iPod for the journey home!:
Here's a great talk by Mitch Resnick from MIT. Resnick leads the group, "Lifelong Kindergarten." Together they designed the "SCRATCH" program which is an amazing program.
Here's how you find the talk.

And for my own enjoyment:
Nothing beats This American Life
The best show on radio coming out of Chicago. I can't possibly catch it each Sunday, but now I can listen to it anytime!

Articles and Books Mentioned

Here are the Articles I mentioned:

The Power of Pow! Wham!: Children, Digital Media and Our Nation's Future by Dr. Shore


Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century by Henry Jenkins, et al.

Here are the books I mentioned:
Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger (

The Schools Our Children Deserve: Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and "Tougher Standards"by Alfie Kohn 9

Assignment #4

  • " Teaching With Tunes: 21 Ideas for Incorporating Music Throughout the Curriculum." TechLearning 1 Apr 2008 Retrieved 2 Jul 2008

—Writing Prompt
This past year, I had my 3rd graders create ABA soundtracks in Garageband.** They needed to write a simple story (in ABA form) and find sounds and music to "illustrate" the story. This was incredible. It helped students with writing skills, engineering, and planning multiple steps in a large project. You can hear them here. What I'd like to do next is use these completed soundtracks as writing prompts for 2nd graders.

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    Assingment #6

    Here's my reflection for Day 2.

    My status

    Final Project

    I'll be using a VoiceThread to have all my classes reflect and explain the highlights from each lesson. Right now I have a student who is called the "Teacher Assistant." This student sits next to me when I show the lesson on the overhead in the lab. The student usually operates the mouse when demonstrating the tool I am showing. Now, the student will also be responsible for logging into the VT and provide one of the following:

    • Explain the Mastery Objective
    • Share a highlight from the lesson
    • Talk about why we did the activity
    • Likes/Dislikes about the lesson
    • Questions they still have about the lesson

    Let me further explain how this will play out. On the VT, there will be pictures that simply say what Round it is. So, for Round 1, for instance, when each 1st Grade class comes in, one person from each class will be responsible for either typing or recording their response from the list above. By the end of the Round, each class will have contributed to the page. Viewers will be able to see the different grades because I use different colored icons for each grade to log-in with.

    Parents, administration, students, community members, etc. can follow along throughout the year and hear right from the students what we're doing in the lab. At the end of the year, I will download the entire VT for my portfolio and also provide a copy to my administrator. This will compliment the Moodle where I already post the lessons online as well as my Podcast, "TechTime with Mr. S," which tells students what the lessons will be about.

    I tip my hat to Darren Kuropatwa and his students who provide notes from each of his Math classes on their blog. That student's role is called the "Classroom Scribe."

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