Keeping Track of our work


  • What does it look like when a classroom incorperates technology, such as podcasting into daily practice?

Planning for Podcasting

  • 7 reasons to podcast
  • Examples of podcasts
    • Public Events: Recordings of library and school sponsored events
    • Book discussion groups
    • Interviews
    • Weekly or daily events
    • How to
    • Advocacy
    • Tours
    • Local History
  • Planning
    • Purpose
    • Audience
    • Content
    • Buy-In
    • Permissions and Consent
    • Production Team
    • Technology Requirements
    • Format
    • Training
    • Frequency
    • Length
    • Marketing
  • Planning Sheets

Choose the Right Tool

Criteria for a Successful Podcast

  • Make sure your sound is clear and loud enough that others can turn the sound up if needed.
  • Have a theme or topic.
  • If you are the only speaker, keep your podcast from 20-30 minutes when starting out.
  • If you have guests, do sound checks with your guests, keep your podcast to about 45-60 minutes. Why the time constraints? Keep in mind what you like to listen to, most commutes are between 20 and 30 minutes. 60 minutes is usually the max.)
  • Leave your listeners with a question so they will continue thinking.

Create your podcast

Publish your podcast