Assignment 2

MS. Wheat's Language Arts Collection of Podcasts:


Argumentative essay
"How to" decide what topic and write a persuasive essay
Mechanical Issues
The importance of grammatical issues in writing
Grammar Challenge
BBC Grammar Challenge
Vocabulary New Words
New words to learn
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary "Word of the Day"
Building vocabulary

Slavery/Harriet Tubman

Martin Luther King Jr.
Jim Crow

Holocaust/Anne Frank/ Elie Wiesel


"Poetry Everywhere: Eleven Eyes"
The Poetic Voice: Houghton Mifflin
A series of interviews of Poets and oral readings of Poems
2007 Month Poetry Selections:
"A Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost
"On the Grasshopper and a Cricket" by John Keats
"Casey at the Bat" by Ernest L. Thayer

Other Topics of Interest:

PBS "American Experience"


#4 I have use the poetry assignment that was discussed in this article, " Teaching With Tunes: 21 Ideas for Incorporating Music Throughout the Curriculum.". We were studying the different uses of figurative language. I told the students that they could bring in a song that they liked. We listened to each song and tried to find the figurative language in each song. I think they enjoyed this form of study because the students could bring their world into the classroom. I try to bring in many different subject areas into my curriculum area. I try to integrate as much as possible.

I grew up on "Schoolhouse Rock" and use this program as a way to teach the different parts of speech. My students, at first, seem skeptical. But after viewing each segment of the video, I hear them sining the songs and seem to have a little better understanding of the parts of speech.

#6 Deb Wheat's initial podcast

Deb Wheat's Final Project for EPC 511:

I will be creating a podcast for my students to interact with each other and myself over the different pieces of literature we will cover during the school year. My hope would be to start with the short story, Broken Chain, by Gary Soto. I’m thinking that the podcast would be live on my podcast site, after we have read the literature. There will be group discussions throughout the short story, which I will upload as we go.

I need to check with my building administration to see what the guidelines and polices are for broadcasting student discussion on the Internet. I do not believe there will be any negative feedback from administration. Our policy states that parents have to sign off to allow their child to use computer technology in our district. The policy should be able to be found on our district’s web site.

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"Technology is the Door to the Future"
"Why Let Our Students Blog?"
Teaching Every Student Blog
Free Tool Kit for UDL in All Classroom

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