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Assignment 2

  • podcast that I could use with my students
I teach an 8th grade computer elective, and part of the course curriculum is "how to create a podcast." For this class, I would like to find podcasts that students age 12-15 would want to listen to and download to their MP3 players (for fun and entertainment). That seems like the best way to introduce them to podcasts as a media resource. I could then expand their exposure to other content, such as instructional podcasts, a forum for expressing themselves, etc. As an example, many of my students are interested in gaming, so I searched for podcasts on that topic, such as:
The Unofficial Halo 3 Universe Podcast
PC Gamer Magazine Podcast
Wii Like to Podcast
The Instance: World of Warcraft Podcast

  • podcast that I would use for my own professional development
At an MLTI meeting I attended, a video clip was shown of a presentation made by Sir Ken Robinson. His talk was called, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" It was really entertaining, and eye-opening. His presentation was from the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. There are many podcasts from TED. They feature talks by fascinating speakers from every aspect of life. I've listed the link to the TED website that has a listing of podcasts, as well as a link to TEDTalks podcasts from the iTunes store:
  • podcast that I would listen to for pleasure or to support a hobby
I like to keep up with general technology news. I love educational technology, but prior to being a tech integrator, I was a Systems Administrator for 15 years, so I enjoy keeping up all aspects of technology. My entire family is in systems careers, so for me keeping up with technology is part of my family life. CNET is a great site. The CNET news podcasts give you info on the latest and greatest in the technology world.

Assignment 4

Write a summary on your wiki page of how one of these ideas might work in your classroom

Idea #20 really intrigued me. I had never heard of Flocabulary, the group that uses hip-hop music to teach vocabulary and other academic concepts. Our school does not have the funds to purchase the Flocabulary CDs, but it would be an interesting project to have students search song lyrics (online) and find new vocabulary words that they could then share with other students. I also think that students might enjoy creating raps to define vocabulary or terms, discuss a historical or scientific event, or express their understanding of a reading. This past schoolyear, we had a student beatbox as part of a student-created iMovie on alcohol abuse in Health class. The other students LOVED that section of the movie! I didn't think about expanding that, but creating a rap (or other musical product) would be a great choice to give students when they are assigned a project. It could be a choice added to the typical options of "writing a paper, creating a PowerPoint, making an iMovie, creating a poster, etc."

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Assignment 6

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