Assignment 2

Student use

Bookworm is a simple audio defining how the word "bookworm" came about
Bookworm Animal Crackers: Animal Planet

Zoo story will take you to animal places far and near. Take a trip today and discover where animals live, how they survive and who is their companion.

Go to NPR classic for enjoyable information, music and gaming interests.

Kids' Audibles are a fascinating way to read books and have a chance to try out new titles.

How to Podcast through Audacity

Radio Willow Web-K-5 site


Fun Kid podcasts

Royalty FREE Music- 30-second snippets for FREE

Atomic Learning

Professional use

A librarian's gift to copyright rules
Professional Development link

Lit2Go is a great way to read all kinds of genre.

Hornbook is a perfect resource for educators and especially librarians. If you are looking for a credible resource in hunting new books, this is the place to go.

School Library Journal is a must read for library professionals. Each monthly issue focuses on an author, information literacy, credible book reviews and so much more.

Flickrcc a copyright free photo site you may edit.

Teaching Every Student has a plethora of information, podcasts...etc.

Maine's MARVEL is an information database offered to every student, educator and anyone living in the state. Go to your public library if you do not have access remotely. It's the best, credible site

Edutech Tools, the how to site

LibraryThing - Cool catalog information! Create tags to your library record for further extending knowledge.

Best Buy grant information for electronic devices.

Teacher Tube is so much FUN for everyone

Podcasting books to Ponder:

Listen Up! Podcasting for Libraries and Schools
Podcasting for Teachers
Podcasting for Schools
Podcasting for Beginners

Just for FUN!

Fun, suspense and adventure link from Discovery Networks' The Deadliest Catch. You will be hooked, not pun intended, after this introduction from the producer's
Deadliest Catch

If you enjoy Celtic podcasts you will love this!

Assignment 4

Teaching with Tunes: 21 Ideas for incorporating music throughout the curriculum by Folwell Dunbar

Number 12 Poetry, hit a distinct cord with me. I remember this past April during Poetry month and trying to create something unique to engage fifth grade students during a mini-workshop. Having read this cool way of incorporating music into curriculum sounds fun and innovative for the fifth graders. I'll surely try it this coming school year. Wish me luck!

addition: wikipage, July 8, 2008,

Assignment 6

My podcast introduction created in room 405, EPC 511, Alice Barr's Podcasting class
July 9, 2008 homework

Assignment 9 & Final Project

By using Voicethread I will create booktalks on several young adult books such as, A Mango-shaped space by Wendy Mass, The Revealers by Doug Wilhelm and Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. The Voicethread will be used as an electronic vehicle in how book summaries can be created by doing a little show n' tell, process and create with Literature with Lunch kiddos. Some kids only get 20 minutes to eat so, the time left was to discuss the book read, comment and make suggestions. I like to share a few essential questions to kids. By using Voicethread the small amount of time we have can be extended to so much more and allow others to tap into books within a different format. What a perfect way for kids to reflect on the books and quickly summarize and post for feedback, learn another tool for their tool belt and post publicly for comments.
Literature with Lunch Voicethread will offer students another way to share some new and not so new reads otherwise forgotten!

Booktalks can be so much fun using Voicethread. Here are just a few thoughts along with some conversation with Alice Barr, while putting this list together:
  • Collaborate with our Literacy Coach on appropriate, constructive comments when blogging/commenting on others Voicethread booktalk creations.
  • Discuss how the books are recorded, what kind of voice was used when recording the booktalk ie. what is tonation, diction, fluctuation?...
  • How to use the microphone and other equipment?
  • Mini-workshops on Voicethread for a show n' tell throughout the year, staff development or any other professional time ie. library hosting bagels n' coffee/tea breakfast mini-workshops (Free food-Yah!).
  • Experiment with Audacity>
  • What type of rubric would fit this kind of creation?
  • Here's an example of a storyboard for podcasting
  • Connect with other teachers in creating more Voicethreads for any subject area.
  • Familiarize students about the school philosophy, Ready, Respectful and Responsible - discuss further
  • Any other suggestions to add?