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  • Go to the Gabcast page and register.


  • Download Audacity-logo-r_50pct.jpgAudacity!
  • Plug the microphone in the USB port
  • Check to be sure it's hooked up (on the Mac System Prefs> Sound> Choose AK5370) (on the PC may mean a restart)
  • Push the Green button to record!
  • Push the yellow button to stop.


  • File > Save Project
  • File > Export as .mp3
  • Import to iTunes

Audacity Goodies

  • Multi-track recording studio.
  • You will need to tweak prefs- built-in mic, stereo, mono, etc...
  • Record in stereo and usually bump down to mono.
  • You try to get the best sound in the smallest file.
  • edit with the eye beam,select, cut, paste, etc. - simple user interface.

Audacity Tutorials

Garage Band

Garage Band Goodies

Garage Band Tutorials

Free Music

Publish a Podcast

  • Create an account
  • Upload your podcast for free
  • Submitting a podcast to iTunes